Monday, 30 November 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar

A month ago, Little Miss A had her photo taken at nursery - as last year's official snaps were so awful, we took the precaution of getting her to pose before leaving the house. Even though I am totally biased, I do think she looks awfully cute - don't you?

On the same day, it was the fancy dress Halloween she has grown so much since last year, she obviously needed a new outfit. After much discussion with her Daddy (who was being his usual over-indulgent self!), we ended up with this:

A rare moment of stillness on her part.....

Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's time to be selfish......

Yesterday, I added another hat to the Christmas goodie pile. It's a Pretty Puffs Slouchy Beret, made using the scrummy Freedom Spirit by Twilleys. I've had this in my stash for ages, and I can't believe I haven't used it until now - the colours are fab and it will give the lucky recipient a very warm head and ears this winter. I had two skeins, but only used a smidgen of the 2nd to finish the hat (partly because I was using a smaller size hook than recommended by the pattern, and therefore needed to do a few more increase / puff stitch rows). THe observant among you will note that I have turned it inside out - I actually think it looks nicer that way (yes, I'm a little strange like that......)

Having finished this, I started pondering what to do with the leftover almost-skein. Answer: a pair of fingerless gloves. And you know what: they are NOT going on the gift pile. You heard right: these are all for me (it's about time I made something for myself!)

Managed to finish the first glove last nigtht (minus the thumb - I'm waiting to see how much yarn I have left after I finish the main part of the 2nd glove - that way, I can always do a contrast thumb if necessary). I started the 2nd this morning.

This leads me to a rather urgent question: how come I can make an (almost) entire glove in about two hours of concentrated knitting time when I have the house to myself, but can only get 4 rows of ribbing done while supervising a toddler?

Just so you know that I'm not yet ready for maternal sainthood, I'm feeling absolutely no guilt this morning at telling her openly and honestly that she is annoying the living daylights out of me........

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Keeping the chills at bay.....

The only good thing about the arrival of winter is that it provides the perfect excuse to stay indoors and play with fluffy wool...... I've been a busy little bunny in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, as most of the projects are destined for Christmas presents, I can't show you too much....but you can have some sneaky peeks:

Little Miss A has acquired a new hat - a crocheted Milla Fall Hat using a limited edition sock yarn (Eastern Promise) from The Knitting Goddess. Madame Ladybird will also be getting a new hat - once I've posted it to her. This is a "I heart Pompoms" hat, made with Bergere de France Sport in a lovely pale grey. This wool is just scrummy - soft and bouncy and knits beautifully. I really quite like this hat, and am seriously thinking I might have to make one for myself (not identical of course, even though I still have 7 balls of the Bergere left.....but I have plans for all of them!)

It hasn't been all unselfish, I promise! I have discovered a new 'personal favourite' sock yarn - Dream in Color Smooshy. Believe me, smooshy is the perfect word to describe this stuff - it's soft, squishy, bouncy and knits up like a dream. I only had one skein in my stash (it's almost impossible to get your hands on it in the UK) but I have since acquired few more in some lovely shades of burgundy, pink, blue and purple.....schlurp!

So, what did I make with my solitary skein of Smooshy? These! A pair for me and a pair of Little Miss A - she is sooo chuffed at having a matching pair, she went off to nursery wearing them and lifting her trousers up to show everyone!!

These are the snuggliest socks I have made so far.....look out for many, many more in coming months!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Very Important Bear......

Just look who we met at Liverpool Street station yesterday! A very special (and very yellow!) bear....


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