Thursday, 4 March 2010

Blog Award

So, what actually caused to get off my posterior and finally get back into the land of the (blog) living? My lovely e-friend Ladybird gave me this rather lovely blog award

As part of my acceptance, I have to:

1. Give a Top 10 list of things that make me happy
2. Give a Top 5 list of trivia about myself
3. Share the award with 5 other people and ask them to do the same things
4. Link the blogs of the people you are passing the award onto as well as the person who awarded it to you in the first place

So here goes:

Things that make me happy

1. My lovely, patient, super-understanding Mr A, who doesn't really care how much I spend on craft materials so long as it makes me happy
2. My super amazing awesome Little Miss A, who I hope will continue to challenge me in the best of ways for many years to come
3. The first signs of spring after a winter that has really been too cold and lasted too long
4.Starting a new project - will the colours/ideas that are in my head work in reality?
5. Finishing a project and discovering that it either fits or works really well, even if it's not quite what I imagined in the first place!
6. A really good fillet steak, cooked medium rare with a large pile of thin fries on the side :-)
7. The thought that I will be going on holiday (alone with Mr A!) in just short of 3 months time
8. Knowing that I will turn 40 in just over 6 months time - and not being afraid of it!
9. Knowing that I am vaguely helping to make people's lives a little better through my job - even if it's not my dream job....
10. Knowing I have a small group of steadfast friends who I can always count on

Trivia about Tash
1. My middle name is Alice, which was also my grandmother and great-grandmother's name(s)
2. I speak fluent French, as a result of growing up in Belgium
3. I've also lived in Turkey (for 3 years) where I 'experienced' a military coup (eek!)
4. I love home-made drop scones slathered with my Mum's home-made raspberry jam
5. I have a thing for Haribo gummy bears......

In return, I pass this award onto Quackas, Attic24 and laralorelei. I know it's only 3 - I've been very, very bad about keeping up with blogs this year......

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LadyBug said...

FAB info and triva Tash I to am a gummy bear chewer :)


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