Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cozy cables

Anyone who follows the Yarn Harlot will be aware of her 'personal sock club' initiative - she basically picked a bunch of yarn from her stash, paired them up with their designated patterns, placed them all in ziplock bags on a shelf in her cupboard and will be pulling one bag out at random over the next 10 months. A number of my fellow Knitting Goddesses have done the same thing - and have so have I (sheep? me? never! LOL!).

I had a very happy few hours last week - pulling out all the yarns that were screaming 'KNIT ME FIRST!' and then whittling it down to a more manageable 15 or so. Given my natural inclination to always pick a blue shade over every other colour, I tried to mix up the colours a bit - I've got burgundy, green, turquoise, mixed pinks in there to bring a little spice and variety to the coming months. I also tried to make sure I had a mix of socks (ok, there's still 50% in there!), shawls, heavier-weight projects. There's even something in there for Little Miss A....

However, before I started on any of these projects (which are all stuffed into my 'Medium Brown Bag' from Bloomingdales right in the middle of my study - so I can't miss them), I made myself promise that I would first finish off some WIPs (Works in Progress) or, at the very least, make some decent progress on them. So having finished Mum's top-secret present and made good progress on the 2nd Pyroclastic sock (I've turned the heel and started the rather complicated gusset shaping), I was finally able to start the first 'baggie' yesterday morning:

A pair of Cabled Fingerless Gloves using some gorgeous DK weight wool from Juno Fibre Arts. I have drooled over her goodies for quite some time now, but this was the clincher. Gorgeous soft colours ranging from a pale, ice blue, through pale lilac, seafoam green, faded denim blue, pewter and silver grey with the occasional 'pop' of bright magenta - love, love, love it! And it's knitting up just beautifully as you can see:

I managed four cable repeats yesterday (my knitting was interrupted by a trip to the local library and various large piles of laundry - humph!). Another four repeats and I can start the thumb gusset. I have the day off tomorrow and I hope to have a new pair of gloves by the time I get back to work :-) That's what I call a productive weekend......

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LadyBug said...

Loving my fingerless gloves! did you see I was wearing your creations while on our crafting retreat?


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