Wednesday, 29 October 2008


As the title says: Brrrrr! It's got really, really cold here recently and we even had snow last night (although it didn't stick!). We were all running around this morning, finding gloves, hats, scarves, winter coats etc. Do you think I might have slightly overdone making sure that Little Miss A was sufficiently warm?

One hand-knitted hooded cardigan & scarf, body warmer and gloves! I think she looks adorable - but she could hardly move!

I had a great time getting her sorted out for the nursery's Halloween party last night - isn't this just the cutest little outfit ever?

This is definitely a fairy with attitude!

Also, did you know (I'm sure you did!) that Christmas is coming? I'm pretty much sorted on the present front (apart from my Dad and brother-in-law - always have problems with the men!). I've also got started on the decorative side - how funky are these gift tags?

And I'm cracking on nicely with the Christmas cards too - they all seem to have a bit of a Victorian feel to them this year.


Quackas said...

aweeeeee those WINGS are just sooooo fabby... and no shes not too wrapped up LOL....looks just perfect hahaha

Loving the cards as well... i have to crack on with mine asap LOL

Sarah said...

Love those wings - hope halloween was a blast!!
I'm impressed your organised for Christmas - need to get my skates on!!!


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