Wednesday, 29 December 2010


So, yesterday, my sister came by with a small truck and took all our remaining baby stuff off our hands - wheee! Feels good to have cleared it all out - and for it to be going to a good home. One of the items was Miss A's cotbed - which has resulted in Mr A (and I - but in a less enthusiastic way!) deciding to re-decorate Miss A's bedroom. This has entailed much internet time, trying to find a suitable bed (and one that could be delivered before the end of January), as well as bed-linen, paint colours, mural ideas - you name it, we've looked for it, debated the choices, and generally got a bit frazzled about the whole business. What will we be like when we move house? I shudder to think....

At the same time she picked up all the baby stuff, my sister also dropped off two unwanted bookcases - one is going to Miss A who desperately needs it (her books are currently stored in a shoe box) and I nabbed the other one for my study. Given that a) I will have a bit more time on my hands from now on (trust me, a four-day working week is the BEST invention known to man!), b) I'm intending to resurrect my scrapbooking / card-making in 2011 and c) my study has become increasingly messy and crowded in recent months - it was time for a revamp. It took most of the day, and resulted in several bags of rubbish (I'm such a hoarder!), but was worth it. The room feels tidy and serene once more - ready for lots of creativity! A good start to 2011 I think.

Everything has been reorganised so all my cardstock, papers, embellishments are within easy reach of my desk - I can't wait, particularly as I have ordered (just) a little bit of new stash, including these lovelies from Sarah's Cards:

My Mind's Eye papers in Bloom & Grow and Ooh La La (for Him). These are going to be so much fun to play with!

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