Sunday, 16 November 2008

More berets.....and a new haircut

Morning all!

Just a quick note to show you some more piccys of recent activities.

First up is another super slouchy beret - this one was made using a thick aran wool which had been hand-dyed. The thicker wool meant that it took me just one afternoon - I have to say, that is one of the reasons I adore crochet, you get results soooo quickly! It came out looking quite different from what I expected - the colour changes were more chunky than the last beret which was much more subtle. Still, the colleague who asked me to make it will hopefully be happy come Monday morning!!

Next up, specially for Grandma, we have piccys of Little Miss A's new haircut - she didn't squirm quite as badly as last time, but I still got completely covered in her hair cuttings! I thought I was bad for leaving the hairdressers with loads of hair on the floor, but Little Miss A has almost matched me! I am completely in love with the new style - and even better, getting all the length and thickness cut off/out has meant her curls have come back with a vengeance! I know I'm biaised, but just how cute is my little angel?


LadyBug said...

How sweet does little Miss A look!!!! Loving the new Do... and I bet it makes brushing soooooo much easier without all the weight and thickness now.
Thank you for the flowers :) I shall look forward to them :)

jo said...

She looks soooooo cute!!

Quackas said...

awee how gorgeous....


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