Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A little update

Life has been a little busy recently - but that hasn't stopped me from playing with wool and needles. When I think that, back at the beginning of the year, I had never tried knitting with dpns, it feels almost like I've had an epiphany......I just love them - the work grows much quicker than on straight needles, and (icing on the cake) there's no sewing up at the end!

So, currently on the needles we have:

Express Lane socks for the dearly beloved:

Claudia Handpainted in Donna's Favourite (heel is in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Mole); needles 2.75mm; co 68 stitches to account for a BIG shoe size!

Then we have the Faberge gloves for li'l sis's birthday at the end of March. The pattern calls for mittens, but I thought fingered ones would be better for her. I started these at the weekend, and I've already almost finished the first glove. I just love the beaded effect - and couldn't believe how easy the trellis stitch was to actually knit. The index finger on the first glove is a little big - might have to do something sneaky to tighten it up when it's done.

Even better, it looks like I'm going to have half of the wool left over, so I can make her a matching hat (which I have been promising for months....)

2Di4 Duo in blues / greens; needles 3.75mm; co 42 stitches

Those are the works in progress - here are the completed projects:

First, Mum's birthday present. This is bit of a hybrid - I tried several patterns and was beginning to think that I would never find something that the end, I took the herringbone stitch, doubled up the yarn and just knit it all straight, adding in a keyhole one-third of the way up so she can loop it around her neck. Hope she likes it!!

GGH Cumba Print in Turquoise; needles 6mm; used 3 whole skeins!

Next, I'm still working on the last of my Angels & Elephants Aran - this was how I used the first skein of Tintagel (which I honestly think is the nicest of the three colourways I bought):

Stella Hat in Angels & Elephants Aran (Tintagel); needles 5mm

Apologies for the dark picture on the last one -the light has just been awful the last few days - bring on Spring!!!

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