Friday, 20 February 2009

Reaching out....

I'm sure that you have all seen the recent coverage of the awful devastation caused by the Australian bush fires. I simply can't imagine losing all my belongings, memories, precious possessions - it's just unthinkable.

Thanks to the huge amounts of financial donations that have been flooding in, the Australian Red Cross (and other organisations such as the Salvation Army) are able to meet the immediate needs of the victims. However, other organisations are taking a more long-term view, whereby the victims' needs for comfort will be met - and this is where YOU come in.

Handmade Help have launched a number of 'crafty' initiatives, including:

- Re-Stash a Crafter: there will be a lot of crafters out there who have lost the means to craft, who will be starting from scratch. Knitters without needles, sewers without thread, felters without fibre. They'll need their craft more than ever while they cope with the stress of rebuilding their lives.

Most of us crafters have more stash than we really need and duplicates of things we could afford to give. We can help in the way crafters have always helped each other, by passing on the tools of our trade.

Pull together some crafting supplies and make a re-stash kit. Something like:
- yarn, knitting needles, yarn needle and little scissors
- yarn, crochet hooks, yarn needle and little scissors
- fabric, threads, needles, pins, scissors
- felt, threads, needles, pins, scissors
- rovings, drop spindle, bobbins
- canvass or linen, embroidery hoop, threads, needles and little scissors

- Handmade Donation Drive: Anything lovely that you make (or someone you know could make) would be a perfect donation for a family or person who has lost everything. We want these people to know that we were thinking of them - and making plans for their comfort and happiness - in the long term. Handmade Help is looking for the following:

- Handmade quilts and bed linens
- Knitted and crocheted blankets
- Handmade table-cloths and napkins
- Home-made Curtains
- Handmade Jewellery and Accessories
- Knitted and crocheted winter clothing
- Hot Water Bottles with Covers
- Handmade Cushions
- Handmade Toys
- Handmade Stationery
- Handmade Kitchen Linens
- Handmade Clothing

So, if any of you are able to help out with either of these initiatives, please check out the Handmade Help website for further information, and send your donations to:

meet me at mike's
63 brunswick street
fitzroy victoria 3065

Please mark your parcels with the mention 'Handmade Help'. If you are donating craft supplies, please also mark your parcel with the mention ' Re-stash a Crafter'.

Thanks in advance for all your contributions!!!

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