Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Another WIP bites the dust!

YAY! The Faberge gloves are finished. I absolutely loved knitting these (even if I did initially manage to make two right-handed gloves - DOH! Not a good thing to discover at 10pm on a Sunday night.........)

The yarn is just gorgeous - the colours are so vibrant, and yet the result is still quite subtle. Let's hope L'il Sis likes them...... AND I have enough yarn left to make a hat! She'll have to wait for that though, as I have run out of time methinks.....

2Di4 Duo yarn in Trailing Vines colourway; needles 3.75mm (dpn); size medium; Faberge Mittens (for cuff pattern) and Generic Glove pattern from Knitty; Started: 22 Feb 2009; Finished: 17 March 2009

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