Friday, 20 March 2009

Some gardening time.....

...some of you may have guessed from the various hints I have posted recently, but now I can officially declare it: I am being made redundant. Yep, another casualty of the credit crunch. However, please do NOT panic - now that I have come to terms with the new situation, I couldn't be happier! I put up a good fight (although it was mentally and physically exhausting) and I will hopefully get a decent severance package (it's all in the hands of the lawyers now, so fingers crossed!). As of today, I am on 'gardening leave' - but have absolutely no intention of doing anything in the garden apart from sitting on the bench with a cup of coffee and enjoying the sunshine. And I have loads of projects to complete - an altered canvas for my friend Katie, a knitted shrug for my friend Helen, and Mr A has given me strict instructions to finally make a start on our wedding album - it's only been almost six years!!!
So, here's to freedom and the pleasure of being able to take time to smell the flowers!!!
In keeping with my sunny mood, here is a card I made earlier this week for a colleague's niece - she requested something funky with sunny colours - I think it came out really well!

I've also made the following for some very good friends of our who are getting in married in their home country of South Africa tomorrow. Sorry we can't be there guys - but hope you have a FAB day!! We'll be thinking of you while we take Little Miss A to the local city farm for her birthday treat (she's either going to love it or freak out completely.......)

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