Monday, 1 June 2009

A simple life.....

I don't know about you, but I find that life just automatically becomes so much simpler when the sun and warmth finally make their appearance after the gloomy months of winter. First of all, there is the change of wardrobe - and footwear

Everything is simply blooming around me - our garden (after Mr A's tender care and complete reorganisation of a few weeks ago) is looking gorgeous. We have yellow roses in one corner

And our clematis has gone totally crazy

While someone else is just loving her new paddling pool.....

As for me, I have discovered the joys of dyeing my own wool with food colouring and Kool Aid! Great (albeit slightly messy!) fun - I give you Robin Hood and Strawberry Shortcake (apparently it's a rule that you have to name any wool you dye.....)

And the sewing machine is still going great guns - lots of little bags for the shop (and they're going quite fast, which is great!):


John said...

Great pictures, really evocative of summer. I love the shoes pic!

Angie said...

Great photos.I agree that nothing makes you feel so good as alittle sun.Shame we have so little!!
Never realised you could dye wool with food colours ... used to have a friend that did it with onion skins, moss and black berries etc and then used different mordents to set it.This resulted in different colours and shades.


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