Monday, 28 December 2009

We made it!

Way back in the distant mists of time (beginning of November?), when my sister and I were sorting out our travel plans to go and spend Christmas in Brussels with my parents, we thought: "sure, travelling on Christmas Eve? No problem!"

Ha ha ha - that was without counting on the total and utter chaos that a certain heavy snowfall in northern France the week before Christmas would cause......let's just say that I was not a very chilled-out bunny rabbit for most of last week. However, we did thankfully make it over (pretty much as planned) and had a lovely time, with lots of good company, lovely food and oooooodles of presents (seriously, the pile was quite disgusting really). Little Miss A couldn't quite get her head around it all - in fact, she didn't even open all her presents (I'm now keeping them back to give to her for her birthday in March as she has more than enough to be getting on with for now).

We are now back, equally safe and sound, and looking forward to a few quiet days at home (the weather is not exactly conducive to venturing outdoors) before we all (and yes, I mean ALL of us!) return to normal, gainful activities.

I'll leave you with this gem which epitomises the lovely couple of days we've just had....a non-stop love fest between Little Miss A and her doting Grandad :-)

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LadyBug said...

Pleased you had a lovely (if not streesfree) christmas with your folks. I have been wearing my hat non-stop and everyone loves it!!! My mum would like one in Navy blue if you could pop that on your 2010 to make list please. If you send a paypal request to me I'm going to buy it for her as a treat :)


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