Monday, 14 December 2009

Welcome to Bollywood!

Way back in the foggy distance of time (i.e. in about March of this year), I discovered the wonderful yarns produced by the Knitting Goddess. My first order from her included this wonderful skein, called Bollywood

- beautifully saturated shades of vibrant purple, hot pink, olive green, a touch of lilac - seriously scrummy and very aptly named

Other members of the Knitting Goddess group on Ravelry have transformed their skeins into the most amazing shawls and such like. For some reason, though, I was unable to come up with a pattern that wanted to be made from this.......until now that is! The trick: hold it double and use a pattern that called for double-knit yarn.

I give you my new hat, christenend Bollywood Belle.

Pattern: Scalloped Lace Beret by Nina Duke-Howard
Needles: 4.5mm circular needles
Modifications: I added two pattern repeats to ensure sufficient 'slouch'

It is currently blocking, but will try to remember to take pictures of my actually wearing it in the next few days (if the light holds out - it's been a nightmare taking pictures recently....)

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