Monday, 3 January 2011

New Projects

It's a New Year, which means New Projects - right? Well, in my world it does :-)

(Note: we will ignore the two pairs of socks still on the needles from last year, as well as the three crochet blankets crying out for a little attention......)

First up, I've been whipping up some more squares for Knit-A-Square -
I'm particularly pleased with this one, which is called Wagon Wheel Square:
Then, we have the first 'official' KAL for the Knit.Sock.Love group. Cookie has structured this book according to the design elements of the patterns - Columns, Tesselations and Diagonals, with the patterns in each section being listed according to difficulty. The group will be knitting the patterns slightly out of order, with the 1st Column, then the 1st Tesselation, etc. etc. We are allowed to substitute up to four other Cookie patterns throughout the length of the KAL.

This month the pattern is Hedera - which has never really rung by bell, so to speak. So I'm using my first substitute card. I give you Cubist, using Koigu Painters' Palette Premium Merino (also known as KPPPM in the knitting world - not surprising really!) in a rather lovely, washed-out shade of minty green:

As always with a Cookie pattern, it's an interesting construction - and it's growing quickly (the picture shows the results of just one evening's knitting), which is good because I have also started a Mystery Sock with the Hazel Knits group. I was lucky enough to be given a gorgeous skein of Hazel Knits Artisan yarn by the lovely Christine back in the summer. As it's a mystery sock, there is no name for the pattern just yet, but it's by the amazing Lisa Stitchweh who does awsome things with cables:

Interesting, until I saw these photos together, I hadn't realised quite how similar these colourways were - it's obviously going to a 'spring green' month.....anything to counteract the grey skies and drizzly weather that have been hanging around in the last few days.

I might (just might) start a pair of blue socks for the Solid Socks KAL (January has been declared 'blue' month) but I'm not sure yet - I'll certainly not finish them by the end of the month (both of the other KALs are two months long - even if Life intervenes, I know I stand a good chance of finishing them before the deadline!).

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