Thursday, 28 August 2008

Staycation Day 2

My mojo deserted me yesterday, which was VERY frustrating! However, I did manage to sort out some papers for DD's memory box and my desk is now covered with strips of paper. I've been inspired by my Mum's beautiful patchwork quilts (see below) and I'm going to try and do a log cabin pattern on the lid of the box. Lots of measuring and cutting ahead!

I did manage one card yesterday - for my friend's forthcoming wedding anniversary.

I also (just about) survived a trip to the hairdressers to get DD's wild mane trimmed into something a bit more practical. Thankfully, she didn't lose her curls and now has a very neat (and cute!) bob.....and Daddy was very relieved that she didn't come back looking like a little boy :-)


LadyBug said...

Those quilts of your mums are fantastic....... so much work and love in them!!!

kelly said...

Hi tash
thansk for stopping by my blog!! Your quilts are lush
if you email me you addy to il post you the instructions out as i have a colour sheet.

Julie said...

Those quilts are beautiful and the butterfly card is stunning.


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