Friday, 29 August 2008

Staycation Day 3 & 4

Well, after much cursing and gnashing of teeth (I think Mr A feared for his life at one point!), a silly number of chocolate digestives, and far too much wasted paper, the memory box is finished! This has been a real labour of love - stopped at midnight last night and was at it again at 8am this morning......I bought two of these boxes last summer, and decorated one of them for my sister's wedding - now I remember why I didn't immediately start on making the one for DD......what a faff! The biggest problem was that the box measures exactly 30x30cm so I could get a strip of paper to go over the edges - I had to cut lots of smaller pieces to cover the 'lips' on the sides.

Anyway, enough wingeing - on to the details: I have managed to make a serious dent in all my pink papers - they are mainly HOTP, but there's also some American Crafts in there. For the embellishments, I've kept them to a minimum as the box is probably going to get wrapped up to protect it for the future. We have Pink Paislee and Doodlebug letter stickers, some Bazzill, Aunty Sarah and Prima blossoms and some Kaiser gems.

Here's the front flap (held together with velcro)

Here are the two sides

And finally, the top (featuring a log cabin design inspired my my Mum's patchwork quilts)

I am reasonably happy with the end result and at least I can finally cross it off my project list!

I also had so many scraps of the various papers left that I whipped up this LO - yes, that's me, at the tender age of seven-and-a-half giving my little sister her first bottle after she came home from time flies!

Off now to wash all the ink of my fingers and have a massive tidy-up! Don't think I'll be doing anything in pink for a wee while now......


secret scrapbooker said...

Lovely box and have been v busy ;0)

dddeeebbbzzz said...

It's beautiful! What a lovely idea!

jennyap said...

The box looks fab, and I love your layout :)

Andrea said...

Great work! Beautiful memory box!!

TwinTrouble said...

Gorgeous memory box and lovely layout :)

Rachael said...

Gorgeous work Tash love that LO!


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