Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Scrap Your Day - x three!

Wasn't feeling very inspired from a creative point of view today, but needed something to keep my mind off other things, so I sat down and finally managed to finish the last three months of my Scrap Your Day book. It's funny, I was starting to lose enthusiasm for this project, but looking back over the photos made me smile and brought home just how much little Miss A is changing, even month on month. So, if it only serves as a record of these changes, then it works for me!

Here is June (this was a day that really had nothing special about it, but maybe that's the point?)

Here is July: a bit of a cheat this, as we were actually travelling on the 25th, so I've done a spread of photos from the week's holiday - gosh, I wish I was back there!). I've added coloured words to some of the pictures and enjoyed doing the mix of colour and b&w shots (gotta love Photoshop!)

And lastly, here is August: typical Bank Holiday weather, but we did manage a nice walk along the River Lea (and I had fun with all the little square photos!)


Heidi said...

WOW this is so great. I just love your work

Hugs from

LadyBug said...

Great Pages... and to get all three done at once!!!!! I'm pleased to hear you have got the love back for scrap your day!!! I think looking back at it over the year will be great and as you say it's a nice record of how you little one is changing.


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