Sunday, 21 September 2008

Specially for Grandma!

Grandma mentioned that there weren't any recent photos of her granddaughter on here the other day - so here, just for you Mum, are the latest!

Little Miss A has recently developed a taste for tea!!! Daddy lets her have a little in one of our Tintin cups (I must remember to buy a plastic one!) and she's doing really well - almost no mess!

Also, do you like the stripey tights? So cute!

Here she is showing her 'je suis un rockstar' look........ She's actually keeping them on for more than a minute now......!

And no, she hadn't had her hair brushed at this point....

And last but not least, here she is showing her 'serious student' pose - Grandad would approve I'm sure!

Oh, and before I forget, yesterday's new word was 'duck' (i.e. the little knitted duck she got when she was born). The little white teddy is still going everywhere with her - she took him for a walk in the park yesterday.........

Those nasty molars are almost through now - thank goodness! It's been hell watching her go through so much pain........ Just hoping the next lot will be less stressful for all involved.

1 comment:

Quackas said...

ooooo she is just getting more and more edible... and squeeeeeezable....

what a wonderful new word :D



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