Friday, 11 March 2011

Rhapsody in Blue...

I've been indulging in my love for blues recently - first up, a little baby kimono jacket commissioned by Mum for the forthcoming grandchild of a friend:

Made using King Cole Mirage in a lovely mix of pale & mid blues - I love using this particular yarn for baby things: it has a lovely fluffiness to it while still being super sturdy and machine-washable. Perfect!
Then, while going through all my 'odd' balls of wool last weekend, I realised just how much blue I had. This inspired me to do some squares for SIBOL - they will all be some form of 'circle in a square' pattern. Here are the first four:
I reckon there might be enough wool for a whole blanket, which I shall christen 'Rhapsody in Blue'. It's funny how much more engaged I am at the idea of making 6" squares rather than 8" squares........

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