Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Exciting times.....

Yes, very exciting times over here!

1. I have finally got my hands on my custom-dye wool from Babylonglegs - and it's absolutely gorgeous! Almost started on it straight away when I collected it from the PO this morning, but I just about stopped myself, as I really must finish the crochet market tote bag (for felting) - it's just sooo boring right now!

2. I have cast on my very first ever project on double-pointed needles - seems to be going ok so far....

3. I have started Mum's birthday present in the most gorgeous GGH Cumba - can't post pictures though, just in case she pops over her for a nosey!

4. I have volunteered to teach a crochet class at the next meeting of SnB London - so if you're reading this, live in London, are free on 22nd January, and fancy a quick lesson in crochet basics, then check out the SnB thread on Ravelry for details!

I'll leave you with some recently finished projects that are blocking as we speak - the red beret is the previously mentioned 'Sister of Amanda beret' which I realised needed stretching after wearing it a few times; then there is the 'Lavender Fountain' beret which I have crocheted with fake cables as a thank-you pressie for Alison, and then there is the cute little baby beret which I made with some mystery wool I was gifted before Christmas

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