Friday, 24 April 2009

Happy Days

So, I am not making much progress on the job front....but, instead of moping around, I have been filling my days with (for me) the most amazing creativity. Each morning, after spending the obligatory hour or so looking at job sites, I top up my coffee mug and head off to 'my room'. I open up the doors to let in the wonderful sunshine (it's lasted all week - how blissful?) and set to work.

This week has been super varied. I have made good progress on the Mystery Socks and my Monkeys are looking just far too pretty - sugar coated yumminess. And they are sooo snuggly - the sun might be shining during the day, but it's still a bit chilly at night, so will definitely be wearing these.

Knitting these has also confirmed that I am much more comfortable with toe-up socks - so that's all I will be doing from now on!

Then there is the 'Knitting for Joy' project - the amazing Knitting Goddess (aka Joy) asked for some volunteers to knit up samples of her wools so she could display them at the various events she's doing this summer. I chose to knit a skein of her Lavender Fields into a Ground Flower Hat I'm really liking how this is coming out so far - might have to add it to my wish list for future purchase.

However, the absolute best bit about this project is that the volunteers are being paid in wool! I chose a skein of Joy's Heather Trio
- I just can't find the right superlative for this, it is sooo gorgeous. Desperately looking for suggestions for the right pattern that will do justice to the colours.

I've also made some more stitch markers for the shop(s) - really enjoying making these, especially now I have found a good, mini-sized wire cutter!!

And now for the really big news - in fact, it needs a proper, official announcement: Look Ma, I Can Sew!!!! Now, what you might not know is that, historically, me and sewing machines have been sworn enemies (I have bad memories of the summer Mum decided I was going to learn to sew and I ended up in tears more days than not.....). My darling Mr A bought me a mini Janome for my birthday last year, but that (initially) was only for adding embellishments to my cards and layouts......and then I started to think - "well, why don't I give it a try and see?" A few months back I made a roll for my double-pointed knitting needles and crochet hooks - it came out all right, but my stitching was definitely not straight 100% of the time.

With my recent discovery of sock knitting, I found myself wanting something pretty in which to store / transport my current projects. Thanks to this great tutorial from Happy Things (she's also got some really good quilt tutorials, which I intend to explore at a later date), I dug out some bits of fabric I had lying around - and I made this! I cannot express strongly enough the sense of totally thrilling achievement I am feeling about this - I have made a proper, sturdy, drawstring bag, that has straight (!!) seams and which looks cute on top of it all!

Yes, those are the Monkeys hiding inside.....

So, what's on for next week? More bags - this time with a flat bottom and inside pocket. Then I really have to make a start on the famous wedding album - I've got the materials assembled, just have to start working on it. I have also been commissioned to make a baby memory box for a friend - I've started on it and should have it finished by mid-week. Will post pictures when it's done......

Have a lovely weekend everyone - enjoy the sunshine (no, I don't believe the forecast!)

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