Monday, 20 April 2009

Time for a merger......

....some of you will no doubt be wondering what has happened to me? Yes, I have been a naughty blogger -at least, on this blog. This is partly to do with the fact that, despite the large quantities of free/spare time I now have on my hands, I haven't been even remotely inclined to do any scrapping. I'm very puzzled by this - and am determined to do something about it! Mr A has given me strict instructions to not only start - but finish! - our wedding album in time for our 6th anniversary in May. I have all the bits and pieces collected together in the appropriate colour scheme (gold, beige and cream in case you're wondering!) and I'm going to work my way through my backlog of Scrap Like You Mean It at the same time......keep your eyes peeled!

At the same time, while I haven't been scrapping, I have been having great fun with all sorts of textile stuff - I've made a crochet afghan baby blanket for the baby son of some friends, finished my first ever pair of socks and am rapidly approaching the end of the 2nd pair. I have also spent far too much time in recent weeks on Ravelry, the most amazing knitting/crochet online community, where I have made lots of new friends - you could call it my new addiction. I have also spent more time blogging on my other blog. Initially, I set it up to keep the paper and the textile crafts separate. Now, however, I think it's time for a merger - after all, each of my creations, be they made from card and paper or cloth and wool, are a reflection of my personality and crafty inclinations. So, today will be devoted to transferring the knitting posts over here so everyone, knitters and scrappers, can enjoy the results!

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