Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sock crazy!

It's official - for someone who had never even contemplated knitting a pair of socks (let alone knitting on dpns) before the beginning of the year, I am now officially sock crazy! Not only do I now have a ludicrously large pile of sock yarn in my stash, but the projects are coming thick and fast.

Today, I actually finished my very first pair - for my dearly beloved! Toe-up, with short row heels, so custom fit - and he likes them! :-)

Pattern: Express Lane by Diane Mulholland
Yarn: 'Donna's Favourite' from Claudia Handpainted (I LOVE this yarn - so soft and squishy)
Needles: 2.75mm and 3.25mm for cast-off

Next up, I have finished the first sock of the March 2009 Mystery Sock Pattern - I'm doing these in Cygnet DK and they are coming out super comfy so far. They will be gifted to the daughter of a very good friend of mine who suffers from Juvenile Arthritis. She's having a major operation in a few weeks' time and will need something to cheer her up / keep her feet warm while she recovers.

So, you know I mentioned my ever-growing pile of sock yarn? Here are the latest additions - some absolutely gorgeous squishiness from The Knitting Goddess - all are from her 4ply BFL Sock Wool range:

From top to bottom we have:

Meadow (destined for Saimaa)
Copper Desert (will be turned into Sprung Socks)
Bollywood (for some Falling Leaves)

Then a skein of Sensational Sock 2 Merino in 'Chocolate Covered Cherry' from the lovely Knitted to a T - there's 500 whole yards of this yummy stuff, so they will be perfect for some extra long Shur'tagals

And (finally!), 3 skeins of Rowan Pure Wool 4ply in 'Sage' - I think these will be just perfect for some knee-length Marlenes by the amazing Cookie A

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