Monday, 1 December 2008

The Countdown has Begun!

Yippee! It's now officially the start of probably my favourite time of the year - Christmas! Lots of things to do and get done before the Big Day, but thanks to my beloved Bing Crosby (and other festive CDs), it should go tunefully at least.....although maybe not when I'm singing along :-)

And to make sure I am a very happy bunny each day until then, just look what I got from my fabby sister:

Yep, oodles and doodles of scrummy goodness from Hotel Chocolat! Even better, Mr A has said that they are all for me and Little Miss A. As I think she's still too young for regular doses of chocolate, that means they are ALL for MMMMEEEEEE!!!!!

1 comment:

jennyap said...

Oooh lucky thing, that really is a proper adult advent calendar :)


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