Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining.....

A little catch-up to let you know how things went at the famous school fair last Saturday. In one word: badly. I made a total of £ say that I was a bit depressed on Saturday night would be an understatement. My colleague (who had originally asked me to come along) felt so guilty, poor thing. It wasn't her fault, and if I could hold of the main organiser, I would give her a large piece of my mind for devoting a huge amount of space in the main hall to refreshments, and sticking the traders in a badly signposted side room.....

But enough wingeing, because it is amazing how things can turn around from one day to the next. I gave myself a good talking to on Saturday night, and then spent a few hours on Sunday morning researching 'proper' craft fairs (I realised that school fairs just weren't the right kind of event). I've found (and signed up for) a day-long craft fair in Chingford on 31st January. This gives me time to make a few more hats (and some bags), plus Valentines cards. I'm feeling much more optimistic - let's just hope people aren't feeling too skint after Christmas!!

And then, to make things even better, on Monday a colleague of mine bought EIGHTY Christmas cards off me. Yes, I said EIGHTY!!!! I think he's slightly mad, and possibly has more money than sense, but I wasn't going to stop him.....

So, I guess that means I can go shopping for something luscious. I've found a Cuttlebug machine on ebay for 99p - it's missing the handle, but I have emailed Provocraft and they have kindly agreed to send me a replacement. Now, that is what I call a bargain - provided no-one else spots it!

After playing around with wool and needles/hooks so much lately, I thought it was time I got back to playing with paper. Two of our friends have had their first babies recently, so these are the cards that will go with their pressies - the little boy is getting a baby set from Bonnie Baby (check it out if you fancy something special for a little one - their stuff is just too too gorgeous) and the little girl is getting the hat that I finished off at the weekend (all my own design I might add!)

Now I can start concentrating on Christmas - the decorations will go up this weekend, and my sister's annual Christmas party is on Saturday night. Then I guess I'll have to think about writing cards........ho hum!

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