Friday, 5 December 2008

Perfect Christmas

Now, I'm not doing Journal Your Christmas (might think about it next year) but having read all the journalling by those who are doing it, I wanted to just record some musings about my perfect Christmas Day.

For me, it's all about family: Mum, Dad, little sis and BIL, hubby. This year will be Little Miss A's second Christmas, and it seems to me that having a child around at Christmas automatically brings back the magic. You make more of an effort so that they have the same wonderful memories you had from your childhood Christmases.

Our family Christmas has followed a similar pattern for many years now: stockings are opened over breakfast while still dressed in pyjamas, and listening to the Christmas Service from Kings College on the radio. Then everyone goes off to get dressed (always trying to find something vaguely festive, even if it's only a red jumper or red tights!). We used to go for a long walk, but that has disappeared in recent years, partly due to the fact that we are waking up later!!

Once everyone is gathered together again, Dad gets out the champagne and Mum sorts out the nibbles (there's always some smoked salmon in there!) and we start opening the presents piled under the tree. This is quite a drawn-out process as only one present can be opened at one time.........! I love making sure that my presents are as perfectly wrapped as possible, and I always try to have a coordinated look with ribbons and tags. The tags themselves often carry mysterious clues as to what the present is - most of which usually only make sense when the present has been opened!

Once all the pressies have been unwrapped (and Mum has made her annual comment about there being far too many, and ordering us to cut back next year - get real Mum!!!) we sit down for dinner. I can't remember the last time we had turkey - over the years, we've had venison, goose, a beef joint, you name it. We have all the traditional veggies (including Brussels sprouts for Mr A - he's the only one who really likes them!). The crowning glory is, as always, Mum's Christmas pudding (usually made the previous year and kept in a sealed earthenware bowl). We usually finish about 6-7pm, at which time we gather around the box and watch some festive-themed film or such.

All in all, a lovely relaxed day, with lots of laughter, giggles and cuddles and 'qualtity family time' (I hate that term, but it is appropriate in this case!). This year, we will be holding the festivities at my sister's house, so the stockings won't be opened while we're in our pyjamas (and there will only be one stocking - for Little Miss A). Mum and Dad will be coming over from Brussels on the 23rd, and my poor sister and her hubby will be working right up to Christmas Eve (urgh!). Little Miss A has a very cute little outfit from Monsoon (thank you Auntie Emmy!) and will be getting a ludicrously large pile of pressies - but then she will be the star of the day, so that's all that matters!

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