Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The one about lots of hats & felty things

You will remember that I agreed to take a stall at the Christmas fair being organised by a colleague of mine.

Well, preparations are almost complete (well, they better be, the fair is on Saturday!). I have 70+ Christmas cards, about 30+ other cards, and these little goodies:

- Post-it note covers (some of these will be given as presents, but I'm not saying which ones or that will spoil the surprise!)

A selection of baby, child and adult hats and berets, either knitted and crocheted. Mr A thinks I've gone quite insane, as these have all been made in the last 3 weeks (primarily on the bus, I have to admit!)

And last, but not least, these rather cute (even if I say so myself) tree decorations made from various bits of felt, sequins and embroidery thread. Yes, this is still a work in progress - my only real goal for today (apart from labelling and packing everything up!). I won't be too sad if these don't sell, as I like them so much I actually want to keep them all.....but that's not the point!

I also have to say a HUGE thank you to the marvelous Ali who has put together a box of her cards for me to sell and which are in the post as we speak - and she doesn't want payment! Will have to think of something extra special for her as a thank you.

So please keep all your fingers crossed for me this weekend, enough so that I make enough money to buy all the new Crate Paper collections that I have been drooling over for the last few weeks!!!


jennyap said...

What a fab selection of goodies, I'm sure they'll sell well. Wish I could have helped, Ali is obviously an angel. Hope it goes brilliantly!

Laura said...

They're brilliant! Those decorations will sell like hot cakes. :)

Laura said...

Ooop! Sorry Tash, I was playing catch-up through the "Here's my latest LO" thread on UKS and follwed your earlier link to your hats and decs.

Then I come across the comment that says you didn't do well. :( Well, people are idiots if they didn't want your stuff.

Hope you do better at the craft fair in January.


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